Using Dental Implants To Stabilize Dentures

Using Dental Implants To Stabilize Dentures

Dental implants are used for overdentures to help support the denture and to prevent it from moving. It is most commonly used when a patient has no natural teeth to support the denture itself, but enough bone left in the jaw for dental implants. If this is your case, then considering to get implants is a wonderful choice that will improve your time with dentures significantly.

There are two types of implant-supported dentures and they either use a metal bar that follows your jaw’s curve in your mouth and attaches up to 5 implants to strengthen your denture support or using a metal male and female attachment where the denture fits over the implant and snaps into place. Both are great choices to make your dentures sturdy and to improve comfort while wearing them. Patients typically choose to have their lower jaw inserted with dental implants as it is the weaker side; however, getting implants on both upper and the lower jaw would be ideal for stronger dentures (only if you need it for both sides).

Before you can utilize dental implants to support your dentures, you are first going to need to meet with your 89129 dentist specialist to see if dental implants are the right choice for you and to see if you have enough bone in your jaw to support implants. An x-ray will be required to get a better point of view of your mouth structure and bone density as well. If you are ready to improve your dentures as soon as possible, call Streamline Craig Office in 89129 at 702-660-2067 or visit us now!

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